Short Film: ROLL PIN PUNCH, 12min., Drama/Action

A sparring match between two MMA fighters, both women of color, and the pivotal moments leading up to the fight. Director Statement The world would be a better place if we just listened to one another. I create media that people can relate to so that we can build empathy and compassion for one another.

Director Biography – Jon Glassberg (DEEP WATER)

Jon Glassberg is an adventure filmmaker and photographer born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia and transplanted to Boulder, Colorado where he owns and operates Louder Than Eleven, a production company that focuses on film and photo work in the outdoor industry. Jon has been directing and shooting video since 2008 with a wide variety of… Continue reading Director Biography – Jon Glassberg (DEEP WATER)

Short Film: DEEP WATER, 18min., USA, Documentary/Adventure

“Deep Water” is a captivating exploration of fear, mentorship, and deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with psicobloc pioneer Tim Emmett and competition climber Kyra Condie. Watch as Kyra learns from the master, tackles the fear of climbing high above the water, and then succeeds on one of the hardest deep water solos… Continue reading Short Film: DEEP WATER, 18min., USA, Documentary/Adventure

Director Biography – Bruce Nachsin (LUNCHTIME IS OVER)

Bruce Nachsin has been writing and producing for 8 years, starting with his original foray into comedy with the 10 episode web series Under the Doghouse. His other works include Dark Specter, Approve-O, Nothing Personal and the upcoming Lunchtime is Over. Bruce is a man with only one real skill that likes to masquerade itself… Continue reading Director Biography – Bruce Nachsin (LUNCHTIME IS OVER)

Short Film: LUNCHTIME IS OVER, 6min,. USA, Action

An office rivalry as old as time comes to a enthusiastic head when middle management decides that the men in the warehouse need to get back to work. News & Reviews “Behind Dark Specter: An Interview with Bruce Nachsin” Nerdbot “Lunchtime is Over Review” Diamond in the Rough Film Reviews “Interview with Bruce… Continue reading Short Film: LUNCHTIME IS OVER, 6min,. USA, Action

Director Biography – Qiyu Zhou (THE KOI)

Qiyu Zhou is a Chinese film director, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles. She believes filmmaking is the most soulful language as it touches the tenderest part of the audience’s heart. Her films are marked by a fascination with redemption and the recurring themes of grief, self-forgiveness, and its aftermath. They never shy away… Continue reading Director Biography – Qiyu Zhou (THE KOI)

Director Biography – Molotov Mitchell (WASTERS)

Molotov Mitchell is an award-winning filmmaker, a U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer and the founder of Triangle Krav Maga, one the world’s most elite combat training facilities. As you might expect, his cinematic background and Israeli military training make for some serious action films. You could say that kicking a$$ is his bread and… Continue reading Director Biography – Molotov Mitchell (WASTERS)

Short Film: WASTERS, 15min, USA, Action

Over 20 festival awards including: BEST ACTION FILM, BEST SHORT FILM, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST LEAD ACTRESS, BEST FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY, BEST STUNTMAN, etc. A masked bounty hunter and a beautiful femme fatale fight to escape the ruthless gang of psychopaths they’ve robbed in this non-stop, postapocalyptic action flick. Featuring U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer Molotov… Continue reading Short Film: WASTERS, 15min, USA, Action

July 2019 Film/Story/Screenplay Winners

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:     SCREENPLAY MOVIE: MIND FORCE, by James ZeankowskiJuly 2019 Winner FEATURE SCREENPLAY: BATMAN: BEYOND THE COWL, by Reginald JohnsonJuly 2019 Winner TV SPEC SCREENPLAY: WESTWORLD, by Brenda HolidayJuly 2019 Winner HORROR 1st Scene SCREENPLAY: PEOPLE OF MERRITT, by Adam PottleJuly 2019 Winner SHORT SCREENPLAY: SAMANTHA, by Kieran FreemantleJuly 2019 Winner… Continue reading July 2019 Film/Story/Screenplay Winners