Director BIO: Jake Orton (CONTAINED)

A formulaic Writer and tech-wise collaborator actively involved in Manchester’s emerging film industry. Director Statement “Contained, a collaboration with Actor/Producer Andrew Heaton, marks my first foray into festivals as a Director, showcasing a graphic-novel style and a subversive narrative.” Ratings

Director BIO:  Aaron Egbert Allsop (THE MILL CREEK STRANGLER)

Aaron Egbert Allsop first got into filmmaking making skateboarding videos with his friends while living in Eau Claire, WI. Since he could never land a trick he ended up being the one to film everyone else. From there he started making short films with friends. After college, he pivoted from narrative work to produce and… Continue reading Director BIO:  Aaron Egbert Allsop (THE MILL CREEK STRANGLER)

Director BIO: Joey Medina (BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE)

Joey Medina born and raised in The Bronx, New York was distained to become a Writer, Producer & Director. In third grade his School Principle placed Joey in a creative writing class after reading Joey’s version of “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears” with an urban theme.In fifth grade, after watching a three-minute super 8… Continue reading Director BIO: Joey Medina (BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE)

Short Film: BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE, 12min., USA, Crime/Drama

A powerful and gripping story about a white terminally ill businessman who uses racism to force an African American man he never met before to kill him in order for his family receive his life insurance money. Project Links  Website News & Reviews “Beautiful Violence (2021) short film review”ScreenCritix “Beautiful Violence – Short Film Review”Film… Continue reading Short Film: BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE, 12min., USA, Crime/Drama

Director BIO: Danming Niu (ALL WE KNOW ABOUT IAN)

Director Statement In the age of social media, information has flooded our lives, and everything seems to be unveiled under transparency. Does that mean we are able to see things objectively as a whole, or we are more prone to a one-sided, subjective vision than ever before?This film is a prequel to the longer story… Continue reading Director BIO: Danming Niu (ALL WE KNOW ABOUT IAN)

Director BIO: Adrianna Bell (GLITTER GULCH)

Adrianna Bell is a Las Vegas native. She discovered her love for story-telling in theater, developed it in advertising, and brought it to life through filmmaking. Director Statement I’d like to thank my husband-to-be for inspiring my passion in filmmaking, my family for never really knowing what it is that I do but always supporting… Continue reading Director BIO: Adrianna Bell (GLITTER GULCH)