HIGHLIGHTS: February 2023 CRIME/MYSTERY Film Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:
Best Feature Film: MUSHROOM
Best Short Film: LOOK AROUND
Best Direction: CONTRITION
Best Thriler: SHUT

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

MUSHROOM, 64min., India, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Samik Roy Choudhury
A quaint guest house nestled in the hills, almost idyllic. The house owner, Yamini, is attractive, but withdrawn. She runs the guest house with some old timers, who seem to know a lot about the newly renovated guest house.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

SHUT, 15min., Netherlands, Mystery/Thriller
Directed by Niels Bourgonje
When Jonas visits his father after a long time, he’s shocked to find him in a confused state. Has his father’s mental state badly deteriorated or is something more sinister going on?


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

CONTRITION, 14min., Canada, Crime/Mystery
Directed by Brandon Normon
A double-cross following a diamond heist sends a man on a journey of repentance.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

LOOK AROUND, 23min., Brazil, Crime/Mystery
Directed by Ulisses Malta Junior, Gustavo Santos
When two teenagers in the suburbs of São Paulo break into a house to get food and find stacks of cash, they must now hide their secret in their high-crime neighborhood.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!


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Showcasing the best of Crime and Mystery Stories and Films from around the world.

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