January 2018 Winning Films, Screenplays & Stories

MAMMA, 5min., Italy, Crime/ThrillerWATCH Audience FEEDBACK BE THE ONE, 5min., Switzerland, Crime/Music VideoWATCH Audience FEEDBACK STORY TO TELL, 15min., Japan, Crime/Drama WATCH Audience FEEDBACK MONDAY, 18min., USA, Crime/ComedyWATCH Audience FEEDBACK CONVERSATIONS, 8min., Ireland, Crime/MysteryWATCH Audience FEEDBACK FREEDOM OF THE WHEELS, 17min., USA, Adventure/ComedyWATCH Audience FEEDBACK VIKING TOOTHACHE, 4min, USA, Action/FantasyWATCH Audience FEEDBACK FAN FICTION FEATURE… Continue reading January 2018 Winning Films, Screenplays & Stories

January 2016 Crime/Mystery Films/Screenplays/Stories

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Watch the best of Crime/Mystery for January 2016:

SPY Stories from the Festival

Submit your Crime/Mystery Screenplay to the Festival today: https://crimemysteryfestival.com/ Watch the best of SPY stories and films showcased at the FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival. CHAPTER NOVEL – Rabbit’s Man February 2014 ReadingWritten by Philip Oyok 1ST SCENE SCRIPT – WEECHO July 2013 ReadingWritten by Kevin Gebhard 1ST SCENE SCRIPT – OF THEIR OWN ACCORD… Continue reading SPY Stories from the Festival