Director Biography – Aleksander Szeser (ROAD GAMES)

Aleksander is a Polish writer-director, currently based in Kraków, Poland. He has written several feature and short screenplays both in Polish and English, and recently he has completed a new 6 episode mini-series that he plans to further develop and produce in Poland. So far he has directed six short films across different genres and… Continue reading Director Biography – Aleksander Szeser (ROAD GAMES)

Short Film: ROAD GAMES, 11min., Poland, Crime/Thriller

When a single mother, traveling on a secluded road with her autistic son, stops to pick up a friendly hitchhiker, it quickly turns out that the true motives of both sides put them in a surprisingly dangerous situation neither of them could have imagined.

Director Biography – Yasir Duzcan (THE OPEN DOOR)

Yasir Duzcan, born in Turkey and spent his childhood in Germany. He started shooting small narrative videos when he was 13 with his High-8 camera. In high school, he won some nominations and awards for his films. He obtained a Sociology Bachelor at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul and started working on film sets as a… Continue reading Director Biography – Yasir Duzcan (THE OPEN DOOR)

Short Film: THE OPEN DOOR, 11min., USA, Crime/Western

A gentleman goes to the country for a rest cure for his nerves. On a visit to an acquaintance of his sister’s, he learns from the hostess’ young niece that there has been a terrible family tragedy. What follows is neither restful nor helpful to his already frayed nerves.”The Open Door” is a short film… Continue reading Short Film: THE OPEN DOOR, 11min., USA, Crime/Western

Director Biography – Wesley Shrum, Greg Scott (LIGHT YEARS)

Dr. Wesley Shrum, Professor of Sociology at Louisiana State University, heads the Video Ethnography Laboratory and founded the Fringe Performance Archive for the National Library of Scotland in 2009. Currently, he serves as Executive Director of the Ethnografilm festival of documentary film in Paris, France and Associate Editor of the Journal of Video Ethnography. Director… Continue reading Director Biography – Wesley Shrum, Greg Scott (LIGHT YEARS)

Short Film: LIGHT YEARS, 5min., Crime Experimental

Since the beginning of modern cinema, viewers and critics alike have been transfixed by light contrasted with darkness. This interplay of light and dark was typical of film noir, a metaphor of good and evil in plots that featured crime, detectives, and mystery. We celebrate this genre through a salute to Augustin-Jean Fresnel, the inventor… Continue reading Short Film: LIGHT YEARS, 5min., Crime Experimental

Director Biography – Burak Tatar (BUST)

NYC BasedTurkish Filmmaker/Photographer, Theater Director/Actor. Director Statement I’d like to take on the conventional stories and tell them in unconventional ways. I’m more interested in asking, raising the questions, then giving answers.