Crime/Mystery Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: Horizon Calling, by Russell Knight

Following the death of his older brother, a dismayed young man travels through the outback to go on an ill-advised sailing trip with his estranged father and finds himself caught up in the violent world of international smuggling. CAST LIST: Narrator: Steve Rizzo Jim: Geoff Mays Neil: Bill Poulin

Director Biography – Jason Sanchez (IMAGINARY FRIEND)

I am a Mexican-American filmmaker from Houston, Texas, who moved out to LA with the goal of building a platform and comfortable environment for aspiring filmmakers of color. With my father working endless hours in construction and my mother practically working night shifts as a wedding coordinator, I was often left in the house to… Continue reading Director Biography – Jason Sanchez (IMAGINARY FRIEND)

Short Film: IMAGINARY FRIEND, 16min., USA, Crime/Thriller

IMAGINARY FRIEND is a short film following a detective who reluctantly agrees to help her niece, a young girl experiencing vivid nightmares. While the ‘help’ begins as a lighthearted joke, strange details and events suggest something more ominous is at hand. Project Links  Website  Twitter  Instagram

Director Biography – Gert Kombate (THE LAST PIZZA)

Gert has been crafting content since he was a teenager. Straight out of film schoolin Hangzhou (China) Gert has been directing narratives, documentaries, and commercials around the world and is now based in Shanghai where he mainly directs Shorts and Brand films. Director Statement Drama is key to every narrative.In this film the incentive element… Continue reading Director Biography – Gert Kombate (THE LAST PIZZA)

Director Biography – Eduardo Letamendi (EMBLEM)

Eduardo Letamendi (Writer/Director) – was born and raised in Chicago with his two older sisters by his Ecuadorian parents. After he received a BFA in Photo/Film/and Electronic media from UIC he went to graduate school and earned his masters in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago. His thesis film RISING UP was nominated for… Continue reading Director Biography – Eduardo Letamendi (EMBLEM)

Short Film: EMBLEM, 25min., USA, Action/Sci-Fi

When a genetically enhanced Latina soldier separated from her mother at birth and raised by a Scientist, is dispatched on a mission to retrieve a package she discovers that she’s been misled by her boss, feeling betrayed she must decide between completing the assignment or following a new path. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram