Director Biography – Jason Sanchez (IMAGINARY FRIEND)

I am a Mexican-American filmmaker from Houston, Texas, who moved out to LA with the goal of building a platform and comfortable environment for aspiring filmmakers of color. With my father working endless hours in construction and my mother practically working night shifts as a wedding coordinator, I was often left in the house to watch my younger sister and bond with characters on screen. While I developed an early fondness for film, it wasn’t until high school that I truly became fascinated with the filmmaking process and the power one holds when telling a story through cinema. Once it was in my head, I never let go, and never will until I’ve ensured the next generation of silenced filmmakers get their dues. Until then, you can find me devouring chocolate or watching documentaries about otters.

Director Statement

‘Imaginary Friend’ was designed as a proof of concept for a much larger, feature project. While I admit I started the project with tempered expectations in mind, my producers ended up building a top-tier team that made this entire experience greater than anything I could’ve ever imagined. Gia, the protagonist of ‘Imaginary Friend,’ is very much the amalgamation of the character I always wanted to see on screen as a kid: A Hispanic hero, but one that leads the story as a hero first, with the Hispanic details in the background. To the unassuming eye, this may be as American a story as any other, but it just so happens the leading lady is an unstoppable Latina.


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