Crime/Mystery Festival Testimonial – April 30 2020

Screenwriters Jennifer Woldman & David Maddox (A STUDY IN SCARLETT) We entered an early draft, in the hopes that we would get some valuable feedback to help make the script better. The feedback we got was helpful, and we’ve incorporated some of the notes in recent revisions. Hearing our words performed by actors is a thrill,… Continue reading Crime/Mystery Festival Testimonial – April 30 2020

ACTION/CRIME 1st Scene Script Reading: Cadillac Mike, by Alexander Storm & Julian Brantley

CAST LIST: Renee: Julie Sheppard Narrator: Carina Cojeen Mike: Kaleb Alexander Cashier: Nikolai Afanasev — Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo Festival Moderators: Matthew Toffolo, Rachel Elder Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne Editors: Kimberly Villarruel, Ryan Haines, John Johnson Festival Directors: Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy Camera Operators: Ryan Haines, Temitope Akinterinwa, Efren Zapata, Zack Arch

ACTION/CRIME Best Scene Reading: Chemical Attraction, by Alan Field

When recovering amnesiac FBI agent Katelyn Carrie accepts an assignment to interrogate a traitorous government chemist who knows the location of a deadly nerve agent controlled by terrorists, Kate learns that she is the subject of the interrogation to uncover the weapon’s secret chemical formula locked inside the depths of her own mind. CAST LIST:… Continue reading ACTION/CRIME Best Scene Reading: Chemical Attraction, by Alan Field

CRIME/MYSTERY Festival Testimonial – March 2 2019

Again, phenomenal coverage, waaayyyy too deep and spot-on, much more than I ever expected. Please pass on my dearest praise for their review. WONDERFUL!!!! – F. Vespe A FilmFreeway preferred festival: WATCH Winning Crime/Mystery Screenplay and Story Readings: Advertisements

January 2019 Film/Story/Screenplay Winners

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:   WINNING FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Like a Bloody Monkey by Maurizio Caduto BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Hard Hearted Hannah by Robert Tartell BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Kansas City Jo by James P. Brosnahan BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: In Another Life by Taylor Anderson BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Adrienne Cart by Donald P. Howard BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY:… Continue reading January 2019 Film/Story/Screenplay Winners

2018 CRIME/MYSTERY TV Screenplays (4)

WINNING TV PILOT Screenplay – FAMILY SECRETSFebruary 2018 Readingby Allison Osborne TV FAN FICTION PILOT: SCOOBY DOO: AGE OF AQUARIUSApril 2018 Readingby Katie Grotzinger MY MOTHER MURDERED MY FATHER – 1st Scene TV ScreenplayMay 2018 Readingby Joanna Perry Folino THE WRONG TICKET – TV CRIME ScreenplayJune 2018 Readingby John Ravitz

2018 CRIME/MYSTERY Feature Screenplays (6)

FAN FICTION FEATURE Screenplay – BLACK WIDOW: FUGITIVEJanuary 2018 Readingby Brooke Elowe PREY FOR THE DAY – Feature ScreenplayApril 2018 Readingby Richard M. Kjeldgaarad AMERICAN SNAKE PIT – Feature ScreenplayMay 2018 ReadingDan Tomasulo Winning CRIME Feature Film: INDIAN COUNTY by Troy Kelly FEATURE Screenplay: THE NEW SCHOOL by Evan R. SchulleryOctober 2018 FEATURE Screenplay: THE… Continue reading 2018 CRIME/MYSTERY Feature Screenplays (6)

2018 CRIME/MYSTERY Short Screenplays (8)

CONSPIRACY Short Screenplay – THE ORDERFebruary 2018 Readingby Jean Buschmann CRIME SHORT ScreenplayMarch 2018 Readingby Christine Sherwood CRIME SHORT Screenplay – WHEN THE DUST SETTLESMarch 2018 Readingby Derek W. Wright GOD OF INSECTS – HORROR Short ScreenplayJune 2018 Readingby James R. Cowley ME & CINDERELLA – HORROR Short ScreenplayJune 2018 Readingby Jason Boaden ABANDON ALL… Continue reading 2018 CRIME/MYSTERY Short Screenplays (8)

2018 CRIME/MYSTERY 1st Scene Screenplays (16)

CRIME TV 1st Scene Screenplay – KILLING MOSESJanuary 2018 Readingby Ricardo M. Fleshman 1st Scene Screenplay – THE PLAYLISTSFebruary 2018 Readingby Michael Kotsiros THRILLER 1st Scene Screenplay – FORTY WINKSFebruary 2018 Readingby Mitch Moldofsky 1st Scene TV Screenplay – JAKOB’S COVEFebruary 2018 Readingby Travis Darkow FAN FICTION 1st Scene Screenplay – THE LAST CAMPOUTMarch 2018… Continue reading 2018 CRIME/MYSTERY 1st Scene Screenplays (16)

CRIME/MYSTERY Festival Testimonial – November 26 2018

Eric Shahinian Festival was responsive and very friendly. It was wonderful to have the chance to see audience’s responses and to be asked specific and thoughtful questions for the interview. A FilmFreeway preferred festival: WATCH Winning Crime/Mystery Screenplay and Story Readings: