Director Biography – Gert Kombate (THE LAST PIZZA)

Gert has been crafting content since he was a teenager. Straight out of film schoolin Hangzhou (China) Gert has been directing narratives, documentaries, and commercials around the world and is now based in Shanghai where he mainly directs Shorts and Brand films.

Director Statement

Drama is key to every narrative.
In this film the incentive element that start the drama Is the Pizza box 88, which is also the heart of the story within the story.

The main story is about two filmmakers brainstorming a screenplay. Inside their story two protagonists are fighting each other for who gets to buy a pizza made by a legendary chef that is said to have an outstanding taste! On top of that, the chef only makes 88 pizza once in a while, and rumors say that each of the 88 box contains a secret gift that reveals itself once the pizza is purchased.

“How good is the pizza?!”
“What is the secret beneath the box 88?”

I want the audience to have a unique culinary experience when watching this film, and falls in love with the pizza enough to raise curiosity on the content of the box.

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