Director BIO:  Aaron Egbert Allsop (THE MILL CREEK STRANGLER)

Aaron Egbert Allsop first got into filmmaking making skateboarding videos with his friends while living in Eau Claire, WI. Since he could never land a trick he ended up being the one to film everyone else. From there he started making short films with friends. After college, he pivoted from narrative work to produce and edit a feature-length documentary about competitive llama showing that went on to win “Best Documentary” at the 2016 Omaha Film Festival and 2016 Utah Film Awards. In 2017 he directed the short film, “Not a Fan” which won “Best 24-hour Film” at the LDS Film Festival. He now lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT as a commercial director, producer, and editor. His goal is to direct five short films over the next five years in order to get to the point in his career where he is confident in directing a feature-length film he wrote himself.

Director Statement

I wrote this screenplay after listening to a podcast about people obsessed with a true-crime podcast. It got me thinking how some people are so obsessed with serial killers it would be like meeting a celebrity if they ever met them in person. I enjoy writing stories that are absurd and have one foot in reality and another foot in fantasy. Another thing I wanted to do with this is play with shifting the power dynamics between the serial killer and his victim to see what it would be like if she was in control of the situation and not him.

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