Director Biography – Molotov Mitchell (WASTERS)

Eb43b00680 headshot

Molotov Mitchell is an award-winning filmmaker, a U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer and the founder of Triangle Krav Maga, one the world’s most elite combat training facilities. As you might expect, his cinematic background and Israeli military training make for some serious action films. You could say that kicking a$$ is his bread and butter (or should that be “batter?”).

And while he crafts fantastical worlds and scenarios for his characters to explore, the combat is always rooted in the realism that Krav Maga is famous for. Both an award-winning stuntman and director, Molotov writes, kicks and shoots his way through films that are brutal and stylish. And while the dudes do a lot of damage, it’s often the ladies that steal the show in his stories. Whether it’s a mother defending her toddler against kidnappers in a parking garage or a femme fatale smashing thugs with their own dumbbells, Molotov demonstrates how the fairer sex can turn the tables with a little improvisation and a lot of rage.

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