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by Mary Cox

twin peaks“The Return, Part 9: This is the Chair

It was hard to know where this episode was going to pick up after last week’s jaw-dropping experimental venture into true Lynchian territories in “The Return, Part 8: Gotta Light?” but Part 9 swings us right back into the story of this season at full speed.

Evil Coop, who hasn’t been bested by the likes of Ray, is alive and well after being thoroughly mauled by The Woodsmen. Coop orders a hit on Warden Murphy, whom he previously blackmailed to escape from prison. Meanwhile, the LAPD discover that Dougie Coop has no previous records of existence prior to 1997, prompting them to stealthily take his coffee cup to get a DNA sample. Shortly after leaving a mysterious voicemail for an unknown person named J.T., Ike “The Spike,” is arrested.

Matthew Lillard gives a powerhouse performance as Bill Hastings in…

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