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twin peaks.jpgOver the past two decades, television has changed rapidly from something scheduled that has to be enjoyed in limited settings, to a fluid medium of entertainment that exists primarily on the internet. Some people bemoan this change as the death of television, when in reality, it’s an artistically freeing transition that gives the power of choice to consumers, and a wider audience to producers. Broadcast television might not be completely dead just yet, but it’s going extinct; digital media is undoubtedly the future.

As a consumer and reviewer of digital TV releases, and as someone who’s looking towards the future of entertainment, here are my top ten favorite series of all time:

10. Superjail!

This short-lived animated series debuted on Adult Swim in 2008 and ran for four incredible seasons until it was canceled in 2014. Superjail! was known for it’s psychedelic visuals and graphic cartoon violence. The series follows…

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