MYSTERY Feature Film of the Day: THE DELIVERY, by Jayson Amoroso


ACTORTitle: The Delivery

Written by: Jayson Amoroso

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Logline: In Vein of Misery. A soon to be mother is held hostage and terrorized by a psychotic woman who wants to steal her baby.

Synopsis: KELLY FRANKLIN, a small town country girl is 6 months pregnant and in the midst of getting her home ready for a baby girl. She paints her room pink, purchases all of the necessities & adorable clothing and toys. Her husband Colton has recently accepted a new sales job that requires a lot of travel and he is never home. Neil, the creepy neighbor, helps Kelly with the groceries, assembles the baby’s crib and fixes the windows in The Cellar… Kelly bumps into JAMI ARMSTRONG, another pregnant woman at Babies R Us and the two chat pleasantly about their upcoming additions. Jami goes about her business with her 2 year old daughter Alexis. Kelly waits in the parking lot for Jamie to exit the store and follows her home. Later that night, Kelly obsessively researches Jami on the internet.

Babies R Us mixes up their registries and accidently ships Jami’s merchandise to Kelly’s home. Kelly calls her and they joke about it. The next day, Jami picks up the package of baby bottles from Kelly’s home. They converse briefly and wish each other luck. Several days later, another item off of Jami’s registry is shipped to Kelly’s house, a top of the line baby car seat. Al, Jami’s husband thinks the scenario is odd, but Jami blows him off.

The next day, Jami picks up the car seat from Kelly’s home. After she enters the house, Kelly locks the door behind her. She quickly explains the lock is broken and the door will open if not locked. Kelly invites Jami in for lunch, but she is in a hurry. Kelly drags out the conversation and Jami senses something isn’t right. Kelly heads into the baby’s room to retrieve the car seat. Jami’s heart beats a mile a minute and she contemplates leaving, but doesn’t. From the baby’s room, Kelly requests Jami’s help because the baby seat is too heavy to for her to carry alone. Reluctantly, Jami obliges. This decision will prove to be the biggest mistake of her young life.

Jami hesitantly walks down the hall and enters the baby’s room. As she bends to her knees to pick up the car seat, Kelly ZAPS her with a stun gun. Kelly imprisons Jami in The Cellar. She is gagged, handcuffed, tied to the bed…. and 8 months pregnant. As her due date rapidly approaches, Kelly’s shocking, demented scheme is slowly revealed and a fierce psychological battle against time ensues as Jami searches for a way to escape before Kelly does the unthinkable….

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