CRIME Feature Film of the Day: CARROW, by Kimberly Tompkins


ACTORTitle: Carrow

Written by: Kimberly Tompkins

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Crime

Logline: After his release from prison for the the accidental killing of his closest friend, a hardened loner who cares for nothing but his sick daughter must choose between letting her die or a life of violent crime to pay for her care.

Synopsis: The story is about Carrow, an ex-gang member, released on parole after serving seven years for the accidental shooting death of his childhood friend. Striking a deal for his freedom in exchange for providing information, Carrow becomes a confidential informant. Once free, he learns that he has a daughter he never knew by his high school sweetheart, Lona, who he tries to win back, even though she has a new boyfriend. When they learn their daughter has a tumor in her kidney, Carrow becomes desperate to gather monty for her treatment and returns to his previous life of crime.

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