Short Film: THE HITMAN, 4min., USA

Directed by Matthew Donley
Unable to pay his debts to the mafia, a man is shot down at a parking lot in the middle of the night by two mobsters. Little do these mobsters know that another killing will take place tonight, in this suspenseful, dramatic film noir short that pays homage to those of the 1940’s while incorporating modern elements as well.

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Director Biography – Matthew Donley

Matthew Donley is a student filmmaker attending DeSales University in the Lehigh Valley. He has made many different short films before and during college, varying across multiple genres; these include action, horror, film noir, documentaries, and many more. His primary focus is editing, and has edited numerous content for social media as well.

Director Statement

This is a project I created for my Directing class. Our assignment was to create a one-take film. We were allowed one cut. I’ve always wanted to create a film noir short, and believed this to be the perfect opportunity. The film retains many aspects of film noir, such as black and white and music, but also brings in modern elements, such as the cars and phones used in the film – almost like an envisioning of what the classic film noir movies from the 1940s would look like if they were still made today.

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