Short Film: YU ZHEN TANG, 11min., China, Crime/Action

Directed by Peiyao Xiao
In a Chinese clinic, a young lady embarks to exact vengeance on a cowardly doctor who must pay for his crimes. Where death can be foreseen, enter the crime scene.

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Director Biography – Peiyao Xiao

Peiyao Xiao (Alice) was born and raised in China. She is currently spending her last year in the School of Film and Television Arts at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Based in Suzhou, China, she has participated in various creative projects as director, producer, sound designer, and production designer at studios and independent film crews internationally. Peiyao Xiao aims to find impressive stories between eastern and western cultures. During her past three-year production period, she has established an unparalleled trust with lots of respected young filmmakers worldwide. What is important to her is how the filmmaker brings the story to the audience and empathizes with them.

Director Statement

This short film is my first accomplishment as a director. Before this, I had been working as a producer in youth films. As I got deeper into producing, I have realized the greater importance of the director’s mind. Therefore, I tried to approach filmmaking from a different perspective—for the short film Yu Zhen Tang I took a director’s role for the first time. Throughout the spring of 2021, I fully committed myself to write the script. While revising the script, I built the team and the set for the film. After 13 versions within three months, the shooting began. This short film tells the story of a young woman who suspects that an elderly Chinese medicine doctor at the clinic Yu Zhen Tang murdered her mother and plans to take revenge by sending him to prison. I designed the film to be a pseudo-one-shot film with only three scenes. The first shot, 7 minutes long, spans the entire development of the story into climax. To ensure that the camera and the actors could move non-stop and accurately throughout the 7 minutes, I conducted many rehearsals with the actors and set cues for the camera. In the end, we were able to tell an exhilarating story through an experimentalist style.

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