Short Film: FREQUENCY, 16min., Poland, Horror/Crime

Directed by Aleksander Szeser
A routine evening of a young babysitter turns into a real nightmare when the AI system supervising the house begins to receive the secret commands of someone, or something, who is clearly dissatisfied with her presence in this house.

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Director Biography – Aleksander Szeser

Aleksander is a Polish writer-director, currently based in Kraków, Poland. He has written several feature and short screenplays both in Polish and English, and recently he has completed a new 6 episode mini-series that he plans to further develop and produce in Poland. So far he has directed seven short films (plus several student shorts) across different genres and themes, five of them in Ireland, that have been selected and screened at over 50 festivals across Europe, Asia and US, receiving wins and nominations in different categories, most notably for the Best Cinematography and Best Editing at 2018 Warsaw Grand OFF Festival, but also nominations for Best Screenplay and Directing at festivals in Ireland as well as for Best Film and Thriller at several online festivals throughout 2021. Aleksander has also gained valuable experience working in a camera department on a feature drama “You’re Ugly Too” and some shorts and he has also worked as script supervisor on a few student short films. Currently, Aleksander, together with his team, works on developing a new high-concept feature screenplay that he hopes to set in motion after completing the upcoming short film.

Director Statement

“Frequency” is a combination of supernatural horror themes with the SF genre in the style of “Black Mirror”, coming from my passion for horror films based on an intriguing mystery and fascinating dark force, marking the main axis of the conflict, and my interest in the subject of artificial intelligence and new technologies.

Due to the short form, as well as very modest technical and financial resources in relation to our ambitions, when creating this story, we wanted to offer fans of these genres a good time within the framework of accepted conventions, although under the surface of the main storyline, this film also touches the universal and socially important aspects related to the technological revolution accelerating around us. On the one hand, it is our fear, or at least a growing anxiety, of new technologies and their interference in our everyday life – technologies that see, hear and often know more about us than ourselves, slowly turning into new, mysterious, omnipotent ” black boxes “, the principles of operation of which no one fully understands, although they increasingly determine many aspects of our lives.

Moreover, in the modern, digitized world, it is not the traditional séances of spiritualism, curses and other old-style para-religious practices, but new technologies that may soon become the new gateway to our imagination through which various irrational fears about the world and reality will pass, not only the ‘paranormal’.

We live in unprecedented times, where progress and technological change are gaining momentum, changing our lives in the most unpredictable places and areas. I am one of those people who predict that the advancing technological revolution will significantly contribute to replacing human work with artificial intelligence algorithms combined with robotization. So it turns out that even the ancient ‘profession’ of a spiritualist medium will not be able to avoid the threat of automation!

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