CRIME/MYSTERY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Avarice, by Mike Meier

The internet company “Tolkoya” was set up by the maverick CEO Vasili Romanov with an ulterior purpose–to influence the entire population. All begins to unravel when a journalist, Mirko van Aspern, searches for the next big story and begins to follow a presidential candidate. Mirko gets help from Malene Eriksen, a former employee who is wheelchair-bound after she was severely injured in an attack meant to kill Tolkoya’s CEO. Movies have identified many threats to humanity – such as alien invasion and disease. But there may be an even greater threat: mind control. In fact, it is almost here. If social media companies take their data tracking to the next level, they can condition their users like Pavlov’s dogs. Now these companies don’t just sell targeted advertising, they sell conditioned responses. “Whose conditioned responses are they selling?” you might curiously ask. Yours.

Narrator: Kyana Teresa
Malene: Julie Sheppard
Vasili: Sean Ballantyne
Sergey/Driver – Geoff Mays
Mirko: Steve Rizzo

By crimemysteryfestival

Showcasing the best of Crime and Mystery Stories and Films from around the world.

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