Director Biography – Alexander Black (LYCANTHROPHY)

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Passionate about storytelling in film, advertising and gaming, Alex works as a Writer/Director and Creative Producer in London.

He has worked for companies such as VICE Media, The Economist Group, Google, as well as several London production companies and has created content for a wide range of industries.

Alex has recently completed his thriller short film “Lycanthropy” and is currently developing a thriller feature film with the working title “New Washington”. He is also currently completing his MA in Film at Raindance.


Director Statement


Lycanthropy is a dark investigative thriller short film, which follows detectives Mark Kessler and John Mills, as they search for a missing girl in a suspected case of child abduction.

The story is grounded in the horrible world of child abuse, and in particular the problems that law enforcement face when dealing with such cases.

Whilst these crimes might be shocking to the general public, they are a widespread issue that in many cases are difficult to prove and even harder to treat. With Lycanthropy I aim to further raise awareness around this topic, not only focussing on the victims and the perpetrators, but also on the investigating forces.

I therefore based this story on a detective who loses faith in the system and takes things into his own hands. At its core, this story is about right, wrong, and the thin line in-between.

The visual style of the film reflects the dark, gritty reality that the main characters, Kessler and Mills, live in. The world of Lycanthropy is bleak, utilising little light and colour in eerie locations. The scenes become darker, gloomier and more sinister as the story progresses.

-This film is 100% independent with all of its funding coming from crowdfunding and the production team’s own investment.-

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