Crime Logline of the Day: The Cancun Incident, by Lynn Winiarczyk


ACTORTitle: The Cancun Incident

Written by: Lynn Winiarczyk

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Logline: When Abby, a university professor and Myles her longtime boyfriend and a security contractor overseas, join friends for a Cancun wedding vacation, Abby buys what seems like an innocent souvenir only to find themselves in the cross hairs of the drug dealer who stole it to begin with causing trouble for them and their two best friends.

Synopsis: Abby and Myles who normally vacation alone since they rarely see each other due to his job are on vacation for the first time with her friends for the wedding of two of them. Abby and girlfriend Delilah buy a souvenir in a shop across from their resort and are suddenly being followed by two inept goons from a local drug dealer whose mother owns the shop the medallion Abby bought was sent to by mistake when someone picked up the wrong crate at the warehouse.

Abby gets confronted at a local mall waiting to go on an excursion and again at the ruins at Tulum. She and Myles escape the bumbling goons, but get tracked to a restaurant in the city of Cancun where Myles gets shot by one of them. Abby patches him up and calls his best friend and co-worker Riker to help them out since Myles doesn’t want to get his company, an overseas security contracting firm involved and he’s travelling with his gun.

Riker comes to help Abby and Myles out and the first thing Riker does is get into a confrontation with Abby’s best friend Delilah and her brother Dillon a US cop. Myles and Riker try to watch over Abby and her friends at the resort and have some semblance of a vacation while the drug dealers try to get their hands on Abby, and the cops are present, but appear to be doing nothing.

Sparks fly between Riker and Delilah while Myles sends a message to Hector the drug dealer as he, Abby and some friend mistakenly blow up Hector’s warehouse. Hector makes it clear to his goons he wants someone dead and the medallion back, leading them to escalate their attempts to get their hands on Abby and down a road that forces a final confrontation on the parking ramp of the resort that once again has Delilah in the middle by mistake.

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