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I loved the idea of actors reading my story. Apart from the potential publicity, this seemed like such a privilege. And I really appreciated the feedback. It was encouraging, but also spot-on as far as weaknesses.
– Lauren Hoekstra (Yellow Touch Red, You’re Dead)

Get your Short Film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and get an audience video.

Next Film Festival Festival Date:
February 23, 2016

Festival takes place at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada.

FULL FEEDBACK on your film from the audience! SUBMIT ANYTIME!

Also showcases Crime/Mystery Screenplay Readings performed by professional actors. Readings take place every single month. Watch the recent monthly winners:

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Read more testimonials:

Seeing the people’s reactions and comments on the film from the audience was a great experience for me and the rest of the crew and cast. I wish more festivals had an event like this as it is the very core of filmmaking. It made the screening of my film at your festival (and the awards) really special and real.
– Director John Hellberg “Mousse” short film

The feedback notes taught me, analysis after analysis, how to trim the fat and think organically, and helped me understand that in a good script “less means more”.
– Alexandre Kounde, TV Pilot “No Love Doves”

This is a very good idea ! I really like the initial reactions to the audience because I saw different kind of reactions. That’s why I made this film to provide various emotions and feelings to the audience.
– Director Karim Quaret, “Lapsus” short film

The FEEDBACK Festival has a reputation for providing on-the-money professional feedback for each submission. I like to enter every project I do in WILDsound because it is a great barometer for comparing your work to what is hot in the industry.
– Michael Miceli, Feature Screenplay “BESA”

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