NODE – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK Video from the April 2016 Film Festival

Watch Moderation Videos from the Best of Action/Crime Short Film Festival in 2016:

Watch NODE Audience FEEDBACK Video. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo:

  MOVIE POSTERNODE, 10min, France, Crime/Sci-Fi
Directed by Frederic Poirier

Will, a high profile conman, uses a strange device to commit his crimes. When a police officer catches him red-handed, things take an unexpected turn. Pieces start to fall into place during the interrogation and the purpose of the mysterious device is revealed.

NODE is a suspense film project with a hint of science-fiction. The narrative construction is nonlinear (the story is told through flashbacks during the interrogation of the main character) allowing for the story to be tortuous and misleading. Beyond the investigation, Will’s mysterious Device represents the science-fiction element of the story. What is possible with it brings up questions about causes and consequences, as well as how to face failure in order to better move forward.

NODE is based on a confrontation between two characters:

– Will, the anti-hero: high profile conman, manipulator, self-assured; he hides the personal stakes of his actions. He owns a mysterious device thanks to which he always has the upper hand on the police.

– May, the police officer: workaholic and motivated; she thinks capturing Will is the opportunity to shine in front of her superiors. Her encounter with Will is going to reveal the true nature of her doing and open thedoor to a brand new way of thinking about the world.

This confrontation, taking place during an interrogation, represents the spine of the film. During this discussion the balance of power will constantly tilt one way or the other, each of the characters trying to outsmart the other. The conclusion of the film is brought by the unexpected outcome of this interrogation.

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