Short Film: HOLE, 19min, UK, Crime/Thriller. Playing at Best of Crime/Action Film Festival

Playing at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Thur. April 28th. Get your FREE Tickets today

  MOVIE POSTERHOLE, 19min, UK, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Mike Callaghan

When retired police detective (James Cosmo) learns that the man who killed his wife is to be released from prison, he hatches a plan to try and find her missing body and take vengeance on her killer.

Director Statement

For HOLE I wanted to create a character focused crime thriller that told a compelling story within the confines of a short film. I wanted to make a film that drew on the Noir and Western genres, taking inspiration from the films I love the most.

My goal was to tell a classic tale of vengeance which unfolded in an unforgiving, morally ambiguous world, inhabited by characters layered with complex and contradictory motivations. I also wanted to steer away from the more familiar urban visuals and settings of most crime thrillers and take advantage of the Scottish landscape, by taking the action out into an uninviting rural settings to create a more cinematic, widescreen world where humanity’s primal urges go head-to-head with nature.

I’m really proud of the film that we’ve made and can’t wait to send it out into the world and to see what viewers make of it.


Naysun Alae-Carew
Lauren Lamarr


James Cosmo
Daniela Nardini
Bob Sergent
Stephen McCole


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