TWISTED Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

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See the best of the November 2015 Film Festival:

TWISTED was the winner of Best Cinematography at the November 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of TWISTED:

  MOVIE POSTERTWISTED, 14min, Australia, Drama/Thriller
Directed by James Hartley and James Shepherd

After a night with the girl of his dreams, Michael has a story to tell. And a favour to ask…

Read the audience transcript of TWISTED:

 Matthew Toffolo, Moderator: Twisted, the Australian film, kind of with a twist, right? It’s a visual monologue of a guy telling a story about – well, you tell me… This is a tough film, it’s a fourteen minute film, this guys is in every single scene and every single shot and I think he really pulled it off, what do you think, does anyone want to respond to this?

Audience Member 1: Especially compared to that film we were discussing earlier with the…

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