Get to know the short film “FAMILY ON BOARD”. Playing at the November 26th Film Festival

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Playing at the best of Comedy/Drama Short Film Festival Event. Thursday November 26th. 7pm. Carlton Cinemas in Downtown Toronto:

Poetry by George Pogatsia

On his way to report to prison, Mike Petito reflects on his life and anticipates what lies ahead … that’s when catastrophe strikes.

Director’s Statement

The scenario: You are home enjoying some private time with your spouse. The kids are asleep. A window breaks; your neighbor screams. You call 9-1-1. You witness your neighbor being dragged out by two thugs. What do you do?

Where is the line between a heroic action and an unlawful one?

I wanted to be the story teller, not the judge and jury. I wanted to tell the story of a man with a hard exterior who is easily pre-judged and take away the one thing he loves most: his family. This reveals the depth…

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