Best of Crime/Mystery Feature Film Pitches. Part 4

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Best of Crime/Mystery Feature Film Pitches. Part 4. Click and Read:

THE DONOR, by Sharon Burtner

DOUBLE BLIND TEST, by Herb Schultz

DOUBLE SACRIFICE, by Lesley Mukwacha

DRAGOMIR, by Douglas Wolf

THE DRONE INCIDENT, by Martin Kaynan


ESCAPE ON THE BAY, by Joe Simonelli

EVERY1THING, by Michael Burris

EXILE CORPORATION, by Mark McClafferty

Exit, by Carole A. Parker

FAMILY CHAINS, by Amanda Virginia Cleveland

FAMILY HONOR, by Lew Ritter

FATHAM, by Adam Miller

A FISTFUL OF ANGER, by David L. Tamarin

THE FIX, by Steven Canfield Crowley

FLIGHT 370, by Paul Posti

FOOLS GAME, by Alexandra Garrett

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, by James P. Steffman

FORCES OF NATURE, by Todd Sorrell

FRENZYS, by Jose Molina

FRESH ZULUS, by Richard David Raybourne

FRONT RUNNER, by Ben Tyler


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Showcasing the best of Crime and Mystery Stories and Films from around the world.
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