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MYSTERY TV Show of the Day: AGE OF SILENCE, by Vasileio Papatheocharis

PITCH: Title: Age of Silence Written by: Vasileios Papatheocharis Type: TV PILOT Genre: Drama , Science fiction , Suspense/Mystery Logline: Who would you ask for help if everyone you talk to dies within one minute? Interested in this logline, please … Continue reading

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Mystery TV PILOT of the Day: NO NAME, by Lorin Lauran

PITCH: Title: No Name Written by: Lorin Lauran Type: TV Series Genre: Mystery, Suspense Logline: A troubled drama student is struggling to make a living for him and his mom, only to find out that things can get even bleaker.On … Continue reading

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MYSTERY TV PILOT of the Day: Earth Now Inc., by Wendy Henson

PITCH: Title: EARTH NOW INC. Written by: Wendy Henson Type: TV PILOT Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama Logline: When a crusading journalist joins forces with a geologist to outwit an oil company conspiracy, she risks their careers and his life. Interested … Continue reading

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