Movie Review: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, 2005

Never in the history of comic book films has a film adaptation been so wildly off base of the plot line of the original novel and been so accepted by fans…and critically successful. You have to give A History of Violence that. What really happens is, instead of following the comic book, which works backwards in telling a slightly…well, very different tale of Joey’s past, the film deals with the present and how he moves forward. The “hero” scene is the only loyal part of the movie and the rest goes off on it’s own. The overall factor that I think works for the film is the fact that it maintains the themes of the comic and then translates them into film and goes eh hem “violently” over the line. It never glorifies the violence – it’s almost so realistic you’d ask yourself “I think they really killed that guy…” and knowing Cronenburg, they just might have haha.