KALTRINA Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the August 2018 Drama Festival

KALTRINA, 10min., Drama/Crime Directed by Evi Stamatiou  Centers around Kaltrina, a nurse from Kosovo who lives and works in NY and the conflicts that occur when a stranger who breaks into her apartment. CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Director BIO: Evi Stamatiou (KALTRINA)

Director Biography – Evi Stamatiou Evi is a Greek, London-based filmmaker who works internationally. She worked as an actor across stage and screen since 2003. She has been writing and directing for the stage since 2005. The short film KALTRINA is her first work in film and she aims to turn it into a feature film.… Continue reading Director BIO: Evi Stamatiou (KALTRINA)