Today’s Crime Screenplay Reading: THE DEAD END by Piotr Jamroz

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Interview with Graphic Designer Tina Charad (Maleficent, Fifty Shades of Grey)

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A Graphic Designer creates the props and set-pieces for film productions and works directly with the Production Designer. Depending on the period and genre, these can be newspapers, love letters, shop signs, posters, cigarette boxes, logos. Basically, they create the original materials needed for a film that haven’t yet…

TV Festival Announces its January 2016 Screenplay Winners

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Watch each winning screenplay performed by professional actors.  Deadline to Submit your TV PILOT/SPEC to the Festival: TV PILOT – LACIE BIDWELL January 2016 Reading Written by Jameel Khan SYNOPSIS: LACIE BIDWELL is about a girl who’s father created a zombie virus that killed thousands. It’s twelve years…

Thriller Logline of the Day: UNDER THE WEATHER, by Jamahl Peavey

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Submit your Thriller/Suspense Screenplay to the Festival: LOGLINE PITCH: Title: Under The Weather Written by: Jamahl Peavey Type: Feature Script Genre: Mystery, Thriller Logline: An unlikely witness to a dog’s death must face the killer in a grocery store. Interested in this logline, please email us…

Movie Review: Strangers on a Train (1951)

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Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem to the festival: STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, 1951 Classic Movie Review Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Starring Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker Review by Steven Painter SYNOPSIS: Psychotic mother’s boy Bruno Anthony meets famous tennis professional Guy Haines on a train.…

Today’s Crime Screenplay Reading:

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